Monday, March 30, 2009

21 Weeks

We've surpassed the halfway mark and have been pregnant for more days than we have left...the downhill slide has begun! Our trusty internet sources tell us that at 21 weeks, the baby is the length of a carrot and approximately 3/4 of a pound. I heard that Karl had strawberry blond hair as a baby (sort of a carrot top, right?) - I'm hoping our little one picks up that genetic trait. It would be so cute!
We're anxiously awaiting for 10 am this Friday to arrive. We'll find out whether little Charlie gets a girl cousin or a boy cousin! The families are divided - the Manies family is rooting for a girl, while the Schweigel family seems to be pulling for a boy. Karl and I will be thrilled either way.

The crib and dresser have been assembled thanks to Karl's handiwork and Chloe's help. She managed to sit on every piece of wood and/or each tool just as we would need them. So helpful! Barley chose to supervise the construction from the doorway. Now we just need a sweet little baby to put in the crib!
We've had a lot of questions about the dogs and how we think they'll react to the baby. Barley is a baby lover - he particularly likes to smell them, it's weirdly cute. Chloe is a bit more unsure of little ones and keeps a watchful eye on them from a safe distance. Karl and I have no doubt that both Barley and Chloe will make fast friends with the baby and serve as excellent babysitters.

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