Tuesday, March 3, 2009

17 Weeks And Counting

I don't have a creative title for this week's post. The baby is the size of a turnip and I'm not sure how to spin a turnip in any creative way. I'm curious to know who came up with these fruit/veggie comparisons. A turnip? Not the most exciting (or attractive) veg in the world.
I had a doctor's appointment today and everything went great! I got to hear the heartbeat (finally!) and it was a strong 147. The doctor seemed pleased with my progress so far. Speaking of the doctor, I'll introduce you. Family and friends, meet Dr. Crystal Newby.

Dr. Newby is with Kansas City Women's Clinic. A girlfriend of mine had a great experience with her doctor who is in the same practice. Dr. Newby is super nice and very patient, I'm really pleased with her. My fingers are crossed that she'll deliver me, but of course there are no guarantees. Karl met her at our previous appointment and later asked, "is she old enough to be a doctor?" She does look very young, but that's something else I like about her.

Our next appointment, April 3rd, is a doozy - The Ultrasound. Karl and I are hopeful the baby cooperates well enough to show us the goods. I don't think Karl or I have a feeling one way or the other about what we're having. We're both feeling so blessed to be pregnant and are praying for a healthy, happy baby.

Another healthy, happy baby in the family would be Charlie. The little guy seems to be sprouting before our eyes. Too cute!

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