Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Months 10 & 11

July 5, 2010

Dear Haley,

Consider this letter a combo of months 10 and 11. These last few months have been melancholy for me - your baby-ness is starting to soften at the edges and bits of your little girl self is starting to appear. I’m aghast that you’ll be one in a few short weeks.

You make Daddy and I laugh; you have conversations with us (yourself, anyone that will listen) but said in babbles of m, g, d, l and b sounds. You show such emotion, such expression - there are a lot of things you want to tell us. We can’t wait to hear all the stories you’re going to share with us. In the meantime we’re hanging on to every bit of your baby girl blabber.

In the last few weeks you’ve started pulling up and it’s clear you have no fear. You are ready to move on to the next thing - you so want to be racing around with other kids. I watched as you pulled yourself into a standing position, so proud, and let your hands go but for a split second. A moment later you so very gently sat yourself down. You are daring and delicate all at the same time.

You are a social butterfly! Taking you shopping is an adventure - your squeaks and screeches (I think you’re saying ‘hi’) can be heard throughout the store. You flash a smile of pure joy, showing off your 8 teeth and furiously waving your chubby hand back and forth. Meanwhile, your plump legs are kicking back and forth. I dare anyone to try and not smile when you wave at them.

I’m working on your first birthday party. I want so much for you Bug, most of which can’t be purchased in a toy store. More than anything else, I want you to know how much I love you.

You are the sun, the moon and stars in my sky.


Morning Routine

The morning routine in the Schweigel House is funny business. Karl leaves for work at o'dark thirty so I get to wrangle Bug before we pack up for daycare. It's chaotic to say the least - crazy baby + two crazy hounds = instanity. My coffee consumption has decreased significantly, all the running around replaces caffiene.

A glimpse into our morning...

Settling in for some moo juice and PBS kids. Nothing beats a relaxing morning!

Doll? Check. Bottle? Check. I'm a big girl!
Rawr! I'm coming to get you! Wait, where's my bottle? And doll? Why are there dogs licking me...make them stop!!

Dressed and parked in the highchair. Mom's dancing and singing while she makes her lunch...she's weird.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Late, Late For A Very Important Date (or Blog Post)

Hi, Folks - It's Haley here. I do not know what my mom's deal is...she hasn't posted anything since Mother's Day! Not a single cute picture of me or descriptions of all the cute things I'm doing and working on. Nada, nothing, zip. I feel jipped. Let me fill you in...

The biggest news is that I have been on the move in the last few weeks. Literally! I can crawl with the best of them. To put a cherry on top, I can even pull up by myself! I've explored the stairs and really like to race to the top (the dog bowl sits up there - so fun!).

Mom has failed to detail my vocal stylings. I love, love, love to talk! To anyone...about anything! I have a lot to say and people need to listen up! Not only do I have a lot to say, but I've decided to be the princess of the waving comittee. If I wave at you (and I will) I expect to you to wave back. Some people in the grocery store (usually the dudes) do not wave back and it makes me screech and squeal loudly. I will get your attention!

I've sprouted several more teeth...growing those is no fun, but I like to eat all kinds of grown up foods. My favorites are mushrooms and cheese and fruit.

Charlie and I have gone swimming several times - we really like to splash! Charlie likes to try to dunk me. But, he gives really good hugs which makes up for the attempted drownings.

I helped Dad, Papa and Grandpa celebrate Father's Day. Mom helped me pick out a tree for Dad. It's really pretty and planted in our backyard.

That's all the news from my corner of the world. I'll make sure Mom gets back to blogging about me.