Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My first official Mother's Day (last year Haley resided in my tummy) was wonderful! We watched Charlie get baptised and enjoyed a lovely brunch with the Manies and Geiger families. Haley thoroughly enjoyed her time in childcare at church. We heard she bopped and danced to music and even tried her hand at the guitar.

Karl, Haley and I headed to the Schweigel house late in the afternoon. The gals were treated to an awesome dinner prepared by Chef Karl and Chef Pete. It was yummy! Haley even got in on the action and went crazy with a roll (she growled when we tried to take it away - yikes).

Thank you sweet Haley Bug for making the day so special. I'm so glad I get to be your mommy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Month 9

May 5, 2010

Dear Haley,

At 9 months old you’ve officially been on the ‘outside’ longer than you were on the ‘inside.’ It seems like such an impossibility you’re closing the gap on one year of age.

You are starting to assert so much independence - wanting to feed yourself, wanting to hold your bottle, wanting to scoot about and explore. On one hand, I adore watching you discover your world and testing its limits. On the other hand, it pangs my heart just the tiniest bit, I know that these milestones are just the beginning.

You’re on the verge of crawling - you can scoot yourself in a circle and backwards, like a little crab. You’ve mastered the front half, pushing up with your arms. The back end needs a bit of work, you kick your chubby legs with all your might - you remind me of a little fish.

You recognize Daddy and me and quickly get upset when we leave the room. You reach for us - arms outstretched wide and grunt, asking to be picked up and held. We adore this and know you won’t always feel so strongly about wanting our presence.

You’re a chatterbox. You wake up talking to your dolls and yourself and go to bed the same way. Each morning you chat with the dogs while enjoying breakfast and then continue to conversation with me on the way to daycare. Your voice goes between raspy and deep (like a jazz singer) to high and squeeky. Either way, it’s music to my ears.

You’re a little daredevil; Daddy has already declared that you’ll love rollercoasters. You squeal with delight when he tosses you high in the air or flies you around like an airplane. I think you love it because you know he’ll always catch you safely.

Your hair has started to sprout, but the sides stick up and out. It reminds me of dandelion fluff and fuzzy ducklings. I love to smell your head - the perfect combination of baby shampoo, lotion and pure sweet baby girl.

You’ve become a mini gourmet, shunning my homemade baby food for bites of whatever Daddy and I are eating. You’re a voracious eater - there isn’t anything you haven’t liked. Although you are Daddy’s mini-me in the looks department, you have inherited my sweet tooth. Small tastes of popsicles and ice cream elicit mmmmmmmmms and you open your mouth wide, baby bird style, for more.

I’m so excited to see what this summer brings; chubby baby thighs sticking out of your two-piece, popsicles running down your chin, trips to the zoo to see the animals, backyard barbeques with your first taste of smores, baby piggies in the grass, and lots of trips to the park. You’re such a fun, happy little girl Haley and I love each and every moment spent with you. Thanks for picking me to be your mom, I am so lucky.

You are the sun, the moon and the stars in my sky.

Love always,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our sweet girl is nine months old today. She's officially been on the outside longer than she was on the inside.

Her picture is blurry...she's so wiggly these days. But, it's also appropriate because I swear, yesterday I was still pregnant with her. These days are zooming by all too quickly.