Friday, October 30, 2009

Tried Not To Be Scared...

of Haley's cuteness! She sported her skeleton onesie to daycare today and this afternoon will be a pumpkin. She has two (!) more costumes for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cleaning House

I've decided to change the look of our blog. Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Because

New photos of Ladybug...just because she's cute. Haley continues to grow like a weed and we continue to fall deeper in love with her.

Cousin Meagan gifted this adorable tutu number to Haley before she was born, and I have waited patiently for Bug to fit in it. That day finally arrived! However, she was less than thrilled with Mom's amateur photoshoot.

Karl wore the Baby Bjorn around the house one night and Haley loved it. I think Karl has a better appreciation of what it's like to be pregnant. Hauling petite Haley around made his back hurt after just 15 minutes.

A close up of our ridiculously, ridiculously good looking baby while in the Bjorn. She's modeling her Baby Bird face - almost as good as Blue Steel ala Zoolander.

Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Month Check Up

The littelest bug went in for her 2 month check up recently. She was a champ - putting on quite the show for the doctor and nurses. Lots of smiles and cooing. And then came the shots...oh boy. There is no way to adequately describe the horror that came over Haley's face. My heart broke a bit that day, but fortunately a bottle and plenty of cuddles cured Haley's ouchies. The Bug tipped the scales at 10.8 lbs; a gain of almost 3 pounds since birth!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Month 2

September 30, 2009

Dear Haley,

How is possible that you’re already two months old? I always though parents that said “time flies” were hokey. I’ve officially joined the hokey mom club because it seems as though time is racing by at warp speed. I have trouble remembering my life before you entered it; it seems as though you’ve always been a part of it.

You continue to grow sweeter each day and are starting to show more of your personality. Your first smiles lit up our world this month - gummy and beautiful. Your smile takes up your whole face from chin to brow; and recently you’ve added a squeal of delight to accompany. Such joy!

You’ve started to be aware of things around you - us, your puppies, and other children. We often wonder what you must think of this brave new world of yours. Each day your dad and I discover some new ability of yours and in typical new parent fashion believe you to be the most intelligent, most advanced, and most beautiful baby on the face of the earth.

You’ve started daycare and I have gone back to work. I dreaded this moment and you rewarded me with fewer middle of the night wake-up calls. Thank you! However groggy I may be in the morning, I secretly relish those hushed 1 am feedings. Just the two of us (with the occasional dog) snuggled together in your cozy cocoon of a room. The world is still asleep, but we’re tucked in under blankets and swaying in your rocking chair. Those are delicious moments I wouldn’t trade for anything.

You are the sun, the moon and stars in my sky.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Haley wishes her Papa Manies a very happy birthday!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Better Late Than Never - Letter to Haley: Month One

I decided to write a letter to Haley each month of her life. I want to document the minutiae of her life, to savor each moment. I hesitated to post my letters, but decided to share them with whomever may read this site. I wrote this letter several weeks ago...


September 10, 2009

Dear Haley,

You have already been in our lives for one whole month. To me, you have been in my life for more than 10 months, but I am getting to know you in a whole new fashion. You are the sweetest girl one could ever imagine. Your dad and I anticipated sleepless nights spent rocking a fussy baby, and yet you have been an easy going baby from the start. We were concerned about how the dogs would react to having a new (noisy) person in the house and they couldn't have surprised us more. Barley and Chloe love you! Chloe has taken the role of protector, while Barley has taken the role of babysitter (he wants to be near you and/or sniffing you).

We've learned that you love to be held - it almost instantaneously calms you down. We've learned that you are a noisy girl - you love to 'talk' to us in your sweet voice. We've learned that you like to be cozy and snuggled - you curl yourself into a ball when you sleep. We've learned that you don't mind loud noises - especially ones coming from your puppy dogs. We've learned that our hearts grew 10,000 fold with your arrival into the world.

I was so nervous to meet you once the big day finally arrived. Once we arrived at the hospital time couldn't move fast enough. I wanted to know what (who) you looked like. I had spent 39 long weeks getting to know you - you liked to kick and move and often had the hiccups - I simply couldn't wait any longer to meet you. I heard one of the doctors exclaim "she's perfect!" and the tears started rolling down my cheeks. They held you up so I could see you and couldn't agree more - you were (are) indeed perfect. Then I heard you cry and knew that you were healthy, that my prayers had been answered. (Actually, my prayers had been answered the day I found out I was pregnant.)

I have so enjoyed being at home with you these last few weeks and wish we could be together like this forever. I feel as though I've gotten to know not only you, but myself too. Thank you for opening my heart up - I love you and your dad more than I thought possible. You are the sun and moon and stars in my sky.