Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Can Be Suprising

Life in the Schweigel/Manies household has been a whirlwind the last few weeks. We have to give a shout out to The Big Man Upstairs because he has blessed us beyond words.

A few weeks ago Karl was given the unfortunate news of an immediate lay off from was unexpected to say the least. However, Karl hit the ground running and two days later landed a job. I am SO very proud of him for taking this in stride and with such a positive attitude. He started his new job this Monday and seems to be settling in nicely.

As of yesterday, we have a full-term baby! This means Haley could arrive safely on the scene at any time. In fact, we know she'll be in our arms two weeks from today! Apparently, Haley is too comfy in her current breech position to turn herself around. So, we're scheduled for a c-section on August 5th. It's simultaneously amazing and terrifying to know her birthday...definitely more on the amazing side. Karl and I can't believe we'll be holding our girl in 15 days.

At 37 weeks she should measure 19 inches from heel to head (about as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard) and weigh approximately 6 1/2 lbs. However, we know from our last ultrasound that Haley may be topping the charts at just over 7 lbs...I've started referring to her as the Butterball Baby.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Less Than A Month

We've hit 36 weeks, which means Haley will be considered full-term as of next Tuesday. Where have the last 8 months gone?! Our trusty internet sources tell us that Haley is the size of a Crenshaw Melon (never heard of this) - she should be weighing almost 6 pounds and is approximately 18 1/2 inches long.

I had the first of my weekly doctor's appointments on Monday and Dr. Newby wasn't able to tell if Haley had flipped head down, so she ordered a sonogram. As it turns out the little stinker is in what they call a Frank Breech position...she's tucked in there like a yogi.

We also discovered that Haley is a bit of a chunk for her age - she's weighing in at approximately 6 lbs 12 oz. If she were to gain the approximate 1/2 lb per week, we could be looking at a BIG girl. The most surprisingly finding was that Haley has some hair...who would have thought? I have been convinced this entire time that she would be a baldy.

Last Saturday I was treated to the most amazing baby shower EVER! Aunt Cyndi (aka Mabel Stewart, Martha's much more friendly and non-convict cousin) and Meg hostessed a family baby shower for Haley and me. The ladies made the day so incredibly special and memorable - everything from the food to the decorations were fantastic. Haley certainly was showered with gifts and Meg is determined to make Haley a girly girl. There is the sweetest tutu hanging in the nursery - I can't wait to see Haley in it! I'll post pics from the party soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding?!

We are down to 5 weeks until Haley is on the scene...that is unbelievable to Karl and me. We think we're ready (is anyone really ready for their 1st kid?) and continue to watch the days fly by.

Our trusty internet sources tell us that Haley is weighing in at 5 1/4 lbs and is approximately 18 inches long. She is comparable to the heft of a honeydew melon. (Side note: where in the world do you find a 5 lb honeydew melon? Not in any grocery stores around Olathe.)

Weekly doctor appointments start next week. Dr. Newby thinks Haley has flipped around, but will be able to give me a more definitive answer at next week's appointment. Fingers are crossed that Babycakes is head down.