Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life Can Be Suprising

Life in the Schweigel/Manies household has been a whirlwind the last few weeks. We have to give a shout out to The Big Man Upstairs because he has blessed us beyond words.

A few weeks ago Karl was given the unfortunate news of an immediate lay off from was unexpected to say the least. However, Karl hit the ground running and two days later landed a job. I am SO very proud of him for taking this in stride and with such a positive attitude. He started his new job this Monday and seems to be settling in nicely.

As of yesterday, we have a full-term baby! This means Haley could arrive safely on the scene at any time. In fact, we know she'll be in our arms two weeks from today! Apparently, Haley is too comfy in her current breech position to turn herself around. So, we're scheduled for a c-section on August 5th. It's simultaneously amazing and terrifying to know her birthday...definitely more on the amazing side. Karl and I can't believe we'll be holding our girl in 15 days.

At 37 weeks she should measure 19 inches from heel to head (about as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard) and weigh approximately 6 1/2 lbs. However, we know from our last ultrasound that Haley may be topping the charts at just over 7 lbs...I've started referring to her as the Butterball Baby.

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