Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pregnancy Q & A

I found a pregnancy Q & A online and found it interesting. I thought it'd be fun to post my answers.

1. How did you find out you were pregnant?
The old fashioned way…a pregnancy test. Three actually. I had a sneaking suspicion we were in "the family way" but the second pink line on the test still took my breath away. I took the first one at my parents house one afternoon and waited until the next morning to take another one, just to be sure. The third one was just because couldn't believe the other two were real.

2. How old were you?
The big 30.

3. Who did you tell first?

4. How did you tell your partner?
I woke him up to tell him the news, got a sleepy but excited "yeaah!" Once he woke up he said, "I told you so." He was very proud of himself.

5. Do you want to find out the gender?
Absolutely! We're ready to stop calling the baby 'it' and call him/her by their name. We'll find out on April 3rd.

6. Do you secretly hope for a girl or a boy?
Neither of us have a strong feeling either way about what we're having. Just praying for a healthy baby.

7. Do you have names picked out?
Yes, one of each. Oddly enough this wasn't hard for us. Karl's had a girl name picked out forever. Since he declared the girl's name, I got the right to select our boy name. I had three favorites - once our nephew Charlie came into the world, it removed one of our names from the list. Of the remaining two we quickly chose our boy name.

8. Will you share the baby's name before he/she is born?
Yes. I know I'd slip up and say the name before hand anyhow. We've decided to spill the beans once we know its gender. Some family members have been privvy to the names already.

9. Do you feel ready to have a child?
Does anyone ever feel ready? Simultaneously yes and no. Thrilled beyond belief, but terrified as well. I have a new found respect for my parents.

10. What bit of advice have you received that you've hated?
Not that it's bad advice, but I've had a few people try to talk me into natural childbirth. I admire the women that go that route, but it's not for me.

11. What bit of advice have you received that you've appreciated?
I've loved the advice on what (or not) to register for. I'm aghast at the amount of 'stuff' this baby needs.

12. Did you have morning sickness?
Yes, but certainly not as bad as others (Paige). I felt nauseous for about 3 months straight. Good times.

13. What's irritated you the most?
I can't think of anything specific, but Karl could tell you that I'm pretty moody. He can thank the hormones.

14. Where will you deliver?
Overland Park Regional

15. Who will be in the delivery room with you?
Karl and hopefully a doctor and some nurses. I joke about having a camera crew in there ala the Discovery Health channel and/or our entire extended family, but in reality we want to keep it intimate.

16. Will you take medicine to ease the pain?
I normally subscribe to the 'hugs not drugs' theory. However, I feel that giving birth is my chance to legally experiment with drugs. So, yes I will most definitely be getting an epidural. Better living through chemistry is my new motto.

17. What's your due date?
August 11, 2009, but I'm hoping that the baby is born on the 13th. It's a lucky number for the Manies family.

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