Thursday, August 26, 2010

Haley vs. Barley: Throwdown In The Octagon

This morning, Haley is sitting on my lap enjoying a bowl of Cheerios.  An all-American, classic breakfast. And, our new morning routine. 

Baby Girl is enthusiastically munching on her breakfast cereal when Barley The Wonderhound approaches.  To Barley's delight, Haley's bowl of Cheerios is at snout level.  To Haley's chagrin, Barley attempts to snarf some Cheerios.  Not off the floor and not out of the bowl but off of the spoon.  (Full disclosure, our dogs are spoiled.  They were our first 'kids'.  We occassionally give our dogs people food, they are allowed on the downstairs couches, and they sleep in our bed.  But we have never, NEVER spoon fed either of the dogs.) 

I was trying to shoo Barley away while balancing Haley on my lap and a bowl of Cheerios in my hand.  Haley decided to take matters in to her own hands and took a few swings at Barley's snount.  He was not detered and came in again, goobery Basset Hound mouth dangerously close to her spoon.  I could forsee disaster.  Haley lunged towards him, and he retreated.  She took an extra big bite of Cheerios and said "mmmmmm", just to rub it in his face.  I think this is only round one of many more breakfast brawls to come.  The gauntlet has been thrown.

Haley - 1.  Barley - 0.

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