Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tall as an ear of corn

We've hit week 24...16 weeks to go. Haley is just over 1 pound in weight - according to our trusty internet sources she packed on nearly 1/4 pound since last week. Wow! She's also the length of an ear of corn. The little girl just keeps growing!

The little lady has also decided that it's fun to wake Mom up at 4 am to dance around her belly. I think Haley is going to be a dancer or soccer player - she can kick! We're going to get another view of her in a few weeks with a 3-D ultrasound. Johnson County Ultrasound knows how to appeal to its target JoCo market; 5 guests are allowed to come with me (both sets of grandparents and Karl) to watch the ultrasound on a big screen while enjoying snacks and drinks.

The nursery is coming together slowly but surely. Pictures will be posted soon!

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