Monday, February 8, 2010

Guess Who's 6 Months Old?

It's Haley!

How did our girl go from this...

to this, already?

Our girl continues to defy us by growing up. Haley celebrated her 6 month birthday with a check-up at the doctor. She's topping the charts at over 18 pounds (80%) and 27 inches (90%). The Bug is a big girl! Even the doctor was amazed by her growth spurt in the last 3 months. Haley took the shots like a champ - just a few tears, but was quickly soothed and laughing at the nurse.
Haley's working very hard on sitting up by herself and rolling over. She loves to eat and play, but her favorite are baths. Here we are post-bath, sporting our very cute giraffe robe. Happy and clean...for a few minutes at least.

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