Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Long Overdue

Oy, I'm a bad blogger...I failed to keep my promise of more updates.  Certainly not intentional, but I'm struggling with the working mom craziness.  Karl and I get to spend all of 3 hours a day with Haley Monday - Friday, I just can't bear the thought of spending time on the computer vs. spending time with Bug.  I will find time - updates will become more frequent...pinky swear!

Miss Haley is quite the mover and shaker these days!  At 20 months (ack!) she is...
*Talking up a storm - new words every day. 
*Super independent and wants to do things herself - "Mama, I walk!" - is a favorite phrase.  Thankfully for Mama's heart, Haley wants to hold my hand while she walks in to daycare/stores/home. 
*Quite the singer - The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Rock'a Bye Baby have been added to her repertoire.  Happy Birthday is still a fan favorite - in fact, I had the best start to Mother's Day possible.  I heard Bug squirming in her room and before going in, I heard at least 3 rounds of Happy Birthday.  So sweet!
*Very in to dolls and babies.  She recently named her baby doll Izzy after her new cousin.  We need to work on our babysitting skills - baby doll Izzy is often carted through the house by an arm or leg. 

 (Mother's Day 2011)

We're all looking forward to Summer.  I imagine we'll spend a lot of time at the pool, playing outside, and at Deanna Rose.  Pictures will be forthcoming...promise!

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