Friday, September 17, 2010

Random Cuteness

A few weekends ago we attended the Paola Roots Festival.  It's a long standing blues festival in Paola, on their town square.  It's family friendly and a good time!  Last year we took Haley when she was a wee nugget - just a few weeks old.  She snoozed the entire time, this year she wanted to dance!

I thought seriously about putting her on stage to impress the audience with her sweet moves and vocal stylings.  Karl said no. 

We've been working hard to teach Haley how to go down the steps.  She can motor up a flight of stairs without any hesitation, but going down was trickier.  It finally clicked and she can get up and down stairs and furniture like a champ.  It's entertaining to watch - she looks something like a crab.  Very cute!  

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