Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Month 8

April 5, 2009

Dearest Lady Bug,

You turned 8 months old today; how is it possible I didn’t know you 8 months and 1 day ago? You and me, we’re linked for life.

You’ve started clapping this month and it’s absolutely adorable. You clap for everyone, including yourself. You’ve also started to try to talk - the babbling continues, but I’ve heard some mamamamama’s in there too. I’m not sure you know that I’m mama, but I like to think you do.

You continue to be the happiest girl on the block. I love coming into your room in the mornings and seeing your sweet face. You’re still a little sleepy, but happy and smiling (and talking) and ready for the day. I love starting my day with you - you are better than any cup of coffee.

Daddy and I think you’re going to be a rock star or a dancer. You light up when music is on (you currently love Blues and Stevie Wonder) and start to groove, bouncing side to side. Being able to make you dance is your dad’s new favorite pastime.

The weather’s been warmer, so you and I have been going on long walks through our neighborhood. On Saturday, we discovered a ‘secret’ trail that wound back through some old fields - it was an adventure! Every single day with you is an adventure - an adventure in love, patience, and creativity. I hope you keep a sense of adventure throughout your life...find out what your city and your world have to offer. Daddy and I know you’re bound for greatness.

You are the sun, the moon and the stars in my sky.

Love always,

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