Thursday, November 5, 2009

Month 3

November 5, 2009

Dear Haley,

This month your sweet personality has really started to shine. You coo and babble and squeal - all with either a gummy smile or pouty lip. Both are used liberally and with equal an exclamation point. Your smile takes up your entire face - wide and with an open mouth. Your pout goes from forehead to chin - your bottom lip curls down and your brow furrows. You’ve even started to use them in sequence; you squawk with a frown and when we come to you, you smile and wiggle. Sneaky little ladybug!

I came home from the grocery store one night and heard you ‘talking’ to your dad. When I walked up the stairs I was delighted to see that he had spread out a quilt on the kitchen floor and had you lying at his feet while he made dinner. I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect scene for this father and daughter duo. My heart skipped a beat watching my family, in that moment. I’ve watched other scenes of you two together and each time I thank God for putting both of you in my life.

Your dad is a special guy - don’t take that for granted. Remember this; especially as you turn into a teenager and think your dad is a huge dork (all teenage girls think their dad is a dork at some point in life). Before you were born I schemed up all kinds of Halloween costumes for you. Your dad acted like the Scrooge of Halloween and told me “she won’t know; she’ll be too little to dress up.” The week of Halloween arrives and your dad tells me he’s ordered you costume and “it’s awesome!” He picked out a duckling costume (with cape) and it was adorable. Coincidentally, your cousin Charlie was a duck too. We had our own little poultry farm!

Dads are amazing, mine certainly is and I can already tell you love yours just as much as I love mine. I have vivid memories of ‘dates’ to Winstead’s with my dad when I was a little girl. Your daddy makes you smile the biggest and laugh the loudest. He sings you silly songs and dances with you through the kitchen. He splashes you in the tub and rubs your fuzzy head. He even picked your name - I was told that under no uncertain terms could we name our daughter anything other than Haley. Fortunately, I liked the name..and I, under no uncertain terms, love the girl it belongs to.

You are the sun, the moon and stars in my sky.


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