Saturday, August 29, 2009


Haley continues to grow like a weed - she's already 5 weeks old! The little lady has had a plethora of visitors, which means Mom and Dad have had lots of much appreciated help.

We've enjoyed the nice weather and have taken Haley to a variety of spots though the KC area. She visited the Overland Park Arboretum and Deanna Rose Farmstead all in one weekend. Although she slept though both visits, we think she really enjoyed the outdoors :O) We discovered that she's quite a shopper too. Target, Sam's Club and Oak Park Mall have all been graced with Haley's presence as well. I've found that no matter where we go people comment on Haley's cuteness...not that I'm biased, but I couldn't agree more!

I took Haley to get some newborn pictures taken. Things started off well, but quickly went south...she became very angry (see picture). We managed to snap a few cute photos, although a bit Glamour Shot-esqe.

Uncle Ryan, Aunt Paige and Cousin Charlie paid a visit to Casa Schweigel. Charlie is such a big boy - he's sitting up and eating baby food! I keep telling him that he needs to teach Haley his tricks, but he didn't seem particularly interested in anything other than eating and making lots of noise.

Karl and I enjoyed our first date night sans baby last weekend. We enjoyed an uninterrupted and delicious dinner at Taste, but we quickly missed Haley. Karl and I are totally smitten with our little girl. We can't imagine our lives without her.

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