Tuesday, February 10, 2009

13 Down, 27 To Go

We've made it to 14 weeks and are official members of the 2nd trimester! Baby is the size of a lemon - he or she has packed on about an ounce since last week and sprouted another half inch. I think the baby belly is starting - my 'regular' pants don't zip or button (the rubber band trick worked for awhile), but maternity pants don't quite fit. Soon enough, I'm sure! We're starting to think about our nursery and names; overall we're having fun enjoying this pregnancy. Karl and I are eager to find out if it's a little boy or little girl.

We're also looking forward to finally meeting our sweet nephew Charlie! He's busted loose from the NICU and is settling in at home. Unfortunately, Karl and I both have colds - we're hoping to be healthy enough to snuggle with Charlie this weekend. We've heard through the grapevine that Mom and Dad are baby pros - we're not the least bit suprised.
I love this picture, he looks like a burrito!

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